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The Casey Anthony Verdict

Posted by carlybarly on July 5, 2011

It’s been ages since I posted here, but work, a four year old, and so much other stuff has taken all my time. Although I always make time for a little Lenormand.

I’ve been following the Casey Anthony case because it is so tragic and sad. Two years ago I did a reading on the case and posted it here, and today I had the chance to see just how accurate the Lenormand cards are.

As you’ll see in my reading, the cards indicated she would be found not guilty but would have a punishment of some kind. At the time of the reading I really doubted what I saw, but went with what the cards showed me rather than what I thought the outcome would be. Definitely showed me it pays to pay attention.

Here is the post where I laid out a spread on this case and how  I came up with the not guilty verdict at that time.


Just wanted to add OT, yea I have spelling mistakes time to time on my blog. I’m sorry this seems to offend some people, but this is my playground where I don’t have to worry about misspelling a word here or there or mixing up the letters because I typed too fast. I have to worry about that all day long as a freelance writer, so when I come online to relax, I throw the rules out the window and just let the fingers fly without worrying about grammar or spelling.







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Where have I been?

Posted by carlybarly on February 10, 2010

Things have been a bit crazy in my life all these months! I still do Lenormand and still amazed at how accurate they can be. I don’t do daily draws anymore, that just didn’t seem to work for me. I may try one time to time since I’m getting a bit of extra time on some days. But with the little one in school, my work hours all over the place, any free time I have I use for crochetting and relaxing.

I do have some readings I need to do for friends soon, so once I get them done I’ll post my findings here and we’ll see how things pan out.

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Update on a reading…

Posted by carlybarly on May 11, 2009

I did a reading for a friend a few months back about her upcoming IVF treatment. You can see the reading and the results here:

Also sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been feeling so blah lately! I’ve done a few readings, recorded in my notebook and will hopefully have a chance to post them soon!

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Another baby about to be born!

Posted by carlybarly on March 24, 2009

One of my Timing Experiment readings have been updated, I just found out B is in labor!  Go here to read what the Lenormand predicted:

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A Cross layout on a Relationship

Posted by carlybarly on March 20, 2009

I did a reading recently for a good friend of mine about a man she has been seeing.






I’ve used the Cross layout which focuses on Past, Present and Future.  The layout falls like this and covers the next three months:
9 – 2 – 10
5 – 1 – 13 – 3 – 7
12 – 4 – 11

Cards 5 & 1 represet the Past, a part of the past that is instrumental to his current present and future path.
Cards 3 & 7 represent the Future
Cards 6, 2, 13, 4 & 8 represent the Present
Cards 9 & 12
are transient cards from the Past to the Present
Cards 10 & 11
are transiet cards from the Present to the Future

It looks like this man has had a successful fresh start in his past Child + Key. And that a change in paths Crossroads brought the success Key and that success brought a major change into his life Coffin where something did end and something new began with that major change.

This man was kind of coasting through life till he decided to take a new paht in his career which landed him a better pposition with three times the amount of money he was previously making. Because he chose this new path, it meant he had to give up his past relationship because his partner at that time did not want to follow the same path he did.  So there is his decision Crossroads, that brought a new beginning Child and the success of that new beginning Key. And the giving up his old relationship with the major changes Coffin.

Presently it seems that this man has love and romance on his mind Heart.  The Clouds do indicate that he is unsure and has a few doubts about his feelings. But the Tree shows that he feels a connection with this new love and romance, a karmic connection.  Taking the Clouds a step further with the duality of the Clouds (the dark on one side and the light on the other) this confusion may be caused because he feels they are very different people.

She tells me yes they are very different people Clouds. She is outgoing and fun, he is sort of a geek. Plus there is the cultural difference. But she also feels a connection with him Tree.

The House and the Whip made me pause momentarily as I wasn’t sure whether to do a combination or separatly with them. But I went with my gut and after the major changes Coffin  his life has taken he is ready to own a home or change his home House. And the Whips told me that there was a lot of sexual chemistry in this romance, likely a lot of sex.

She confirmed my gut feelings were right, he has been thinking of buying a home recently and has talked withher about it. House and that there is  a lot of sexual chemistry and yes a lot of sex with that 🙂 Whips

Moving on it shows that he can look forward to an educated woman, an accountant or bookkeeper, in his future Fox + Book. Funny thing, this fits perfectly. My friend is highly educated and she IS an accountant. It is funny how the Lenormand nailed that one right on the head!

My friend can definitely look forward to a positive outcome and feelings with this man in the future. Stars + Moon indicate the strong feelings and in a sense a wish come true here or dreamy feelings even between them.

So this was a pretty good (and accurate) reading for my friend. It does show that he wants a future with her and that they will share some strong and happy feelings in their future.


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Update on another timing experiment

Posted by carlybarly on March 19, 2009

My friend’s daughter had her baby and you can read the reading and the update at the bottom to see how our Lenormand did this time:

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Another boy or girl reading

Posted by carlybarly on March 10, 2009

Ok I guess the whole world is pregnant this year! I forgot about another friend who is pregnant (because I don’t have a chance to talk with her much). She goes for a sonogram today so I’ll probably find out late tonight or tomorrow if the cards are right or wrong this time. The last two girl/boy readings I did were right on. So here goes with Sylvie’s No Layout system…

Will she have a boy or girl? Child is the key card here:


Looking at this it clearly shows me that she is having a GIRL.

Bouquet + Crossroads are both feminine cards. No masculine cards showed up at all.

Stay tuned….

Update: okay they couldn’t tell!  So we have to wait till she has another scan, bummer for her (and me lol).

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Girl or Boy? The Lenormand was right!!

Posted by carlybarly on February 27, 2009

OK seems I know A LOT of people having kids this year. My cousin just had a girl, my friend\’s daughter is due with a girl next month and someone who is like a daughter to me is due in April with a boy.  Now I also have two other friends both due later this year. I did readings on the sex of their babies a few days ago, but forgot to post them. then this morning I read on the forum that one of them was going to see the sex of her baby soon so I thought I’d hurry and post the readings i did to see if the Lenormand gets it right. I charged the Child card in both readings. Ready?

Let”s start with “Domingo” who is due in August:


Now despite the fact that the Scythe is a masculine card, the Woman stands out for me being a major card showing female right away and tells me that Domingo is going to have a GIRL

UPDATE: Just read over on the forum and she is in fact having a GIRL!!!  I’m so happy for her and happy that the cards were right on this one, Go Lenormand!!!!

Now onto Cat who is due in June and will be doing her scan later today:


Ok right away the Dog stands out to me as this is usually male, combine that with the masculinity of the Fishes I have to say it looks like Cat is having a BOY. And no the birds at the end don\’t tell us it\’s twins lol she already knows it\’s just one in there!

UPDATE: Well just found out, Cat is having a boy! Woohoo, Go Lenormand!  I’m so happy for her!

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Update on one of the Timing Experiments!

Posted by carlybarly on February 26, 2009

This is the reading I did for my cousin’s pregnancy, asking when she would give birth.  She had her baby Saturday, her second daughter: Tarrah Elizabeth and from what I’ve heard, older sister Mila is not too thrilled lol

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Weight Control

Posted by carlybarly on February 23, 2009

So after doing that daily draw below I decided to ask the cards about my weight, if I’ll be successful in losing what I want.  I used the Tree for the key card.


Looking over the cards quickly, I see the Bear and weight again, perfect.

Lily + Mountain  tell me that my health has been at a standstill for a long time, perhaps a block there in losing.
Woman surrounded by Tree (health) on one side and Bear (weight) on the other tells me that these are the main focus on my mind right now.

Looking over these I feel confident I’ll lose the weight but it will take time, it isn’t going to drop off overnight (unfortunately).  But I didn’t have any cards that screamed YES, so things can go either way here, I just have to keep the health and weight as my focus.

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